food.Juicing.Love is a website about an ordinary individual's personal health journey:

- To inspire others to eat and drink wisely through a wholesome food diet supplemented with juicing; and

- To remind others to live life to fullest with a little more self love each day.

With the above combination coupled with perseverance and commitment, one can achieve better health to achieve more in life.

Everyone can make a choice, to be a 1% better person tomorrow than they are today.

If you have just started experiencing or constantly been troubled with health issues, do you ask yourself if you have been eating, drinking, living and loving yourself 'right'?

This website may be for you - if you, your child or family member/s are experiencing any (or more) of the following:

- Allergies
- Always sick
- High blood pressure
- Chronic fatigue / constantly lethargic
- High cholesterol

- Constipated
- Indigestion
- Frequent burping and a lot of gas
- Poor skin condition or suffering from bad skin issues
- Headaches and migraines
- Facing challenges in losing weight 
- Instability in weight
- Obesity
- Bad breath (not due to tooth decay)
- Cancer
- Toxicity
- Nutritional Deficiency
- Diet high in animal protein
- Junk or sweet food cravings
- Consuming high amounts of sodium, caffeine, fried foods, refined white sugar and processed foods
- Unexplainable body aches
- Other types of suspected body inflammation

If after MANY years of searching and trying, you still have NOT found an effective and sustainable NATURAL remedy to feel or look better; what if I share that you CAN achieve that with a completely safe and natural method in 23 Days?

If you are interested to know more, you could find something interesting here. 
Most importantly, the only recipe for reading this website is to keep an open mind. (:

It's NOT a scam. The only secret is - YOU.


credit: heart & stroke foundation of Canada


The World Health Organisation and many experts have been educating that eating a healthy food diet can promote a better health and well-being. However, do we even really know what constitutes a 'right and balanced' healthy plate of food when we see one? Find out more if you have been eating 'right' HERE.

credit: williams sonoma


Juicing can be a controversial topic. This website is not preaching to give up all your favourite drinks. It is to educate and share how to supplement a daily diet with juice recipes that have been proven to nourish our bodies and to alleviate certain health symptoms. Find out more on the importance of juicing 'right' HERE.

credit: cleveland clinic, OH USA


Do you wake up feeling fresh and fully energised everyday? Or does everyday feels like a health, mental and emotional struggle to pass by? Unknown to many, self neglect and the lack of self love in eating and drinking 'right' are largely a contributing factor to the latter. It's never to late to start now, if you are willing to take the first step in wanting a positive change HERE.