My Farmz Asia Revivals Program review is a sequel to Mark Leong Asia's Juice Guru's introduction.

When the impression given by Facebook advertisements and customer reviews these days seems 'too good to be true', the first thing that people will ask is 
"Is this a scam?"

Having personally experienced and gone through Farmz Asia's "From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days" program, my answer to all is, it's a 100% genuine program. And it's a program where the founder Mark Leong himself had painstakingly tested and created a proven and successful system to help people transform their lives to achieve better health and wellness; through eating, juicing and living 'right'.

What do I like most about Farmz's Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days unique selling proposition? 
It's the Master Blueprint that Mark Leong gives away for all Revival members. The ultimate success is when everyone follows everything exactly in the system!

You may wonder what's in it for me or why am I so receptive to this program? Let me first share 
my 'search for better health' via the infographic below:

BOOM! (this is Mark's 'trademark') I signed up for the Revivals program as Farmz Asia' value proposition aligns very much with my belief in consumption of wholesome foods knowledge that acquired from the Science of Nutritional Immunology, and also with my personal real experience with colon and liver detox/ flush (using safe and natural ingredients) from over 10 years ago.

I had stopped colon detox after I migrated to Singapore, as that was performed at a special colon hydrotherapy center (under supervision) in Malaysia; and I had stopped my liver detox as I found the DIY method 'too aggressive'. While both the first time colon and liver detox experiences gave me amazing new burst of energy feeling like a 'new lease of life', the same could not be said for their second sessions.

For the second sessions, I had withdrawal symptoms where my migraine was more severe with nausea- as no one taught me how or what was the proper way to nourish back my body thereafter. This was the main reason I 
halted detoxing for a long time - until I saw Farmz Asia's Revivals program proposition. It has the pre-detox preparation, and post-detox nourishing element that appeals most to me.


I recall all the stuff that overloaded my body in the past that came out. The huge chunks of mucoid plaque from colon cleansing and goodness me how many hundreds of gall bladder stones that were flushed out. Scary and shocking back then, but I was at the same time super thrilled! Looking back, I think I was very courageous and mad to do it all alone for the liver flush! And I was indeed quite desperate - seeing my elevated cholesterol and certain liver indicators in my blood test that hinted suspected gall bladder stones. 

I did it because I somehow lost faith in traditional doctors where I felt they will just simply prescribe more pain killers and suggest a surgery. I did not want both. Pain killers mask true pain symptoms (it's how our body is telling us it is unwell), and a surgery does not guarantee anything - because I read that our human body is an extremely powerful defending and healing weapon. And there are reasons every organ is there to perform their functions. Taking out something may impede or deteriorate its entire performance overtime and when we age.

There will be some folks from the opposite school would oppose of such methods, and because I am a living proof; I can verify it did give my body 'a huge break' from such 'toxic overloads'. My follow up blood test after my own personal liver detox brought down both my cholesterol and liver tests back to normal!

It's like comparing a real drain where humans keep throwing all sorts of trash in where no one bothers to clean up the trash, and there is little or no water supply running in it. Overtime the drain chokes badly, and with a heavy downpour, it causes the drain to overflow. With overflowing 'dirty' water; in third world countries particularly, overflowing contaminated water from choked drains potentially cause disease outbreaks. In this illustration:
- The trash equates to the unhealthy foods we put into our bodies.
- If we do not feed ourselves with enough fiber like fruits and vegetables, it equates to no humans cleaning out the trash from the drain
- If we do not put a minimum of 1.5L per day water into our body; it equates to the drain getting clogged over time
- And when constipation happens where faeces gets stuck in our guts overtime; it equates to a disease potentially brewing and waiting for hell to break loose
- When some critical illness happens, by that stage it is actually 'too late'.

I could tell the above 'trash story' because when I analysed from my teens to adolescence years; I ate a lot of fried chicken, hardly ate any vegetables and fruits, and never drank even a cup of water in a day. I had one experience when I was 20, I was so constipated that I did not visit Mr Toilet Bowl for 5 days. That's quite horrifying to think back, and it's now a pure simple logic to explain the state of our future health actually starts accumulating at our very young age. 


Because of my broken health, I strongly felt it's about time to kick-start some 'flushing' with the Farmz Asia's Revivals Program.

As I have been on my hyperthyroid medications for too long, I feel it's time to give my 'overworked body a break' - by intervening and helping to release some of the 'overloaded toxins'. From past experience, lethargy is one of those 'simple' signs.

Observation from my past colon cleanses:
- I gained amazing energy levels that lasted me throughout the entire day
- It 'cleared' my phlegm / mucus I was suffering a lot from at one stage
- It took away my 'gastric' pain entirely (I found out it was not gastric in the end, after a huge chunk of mucoid plaque was purged out that was located below my stomach area)
- It alleviated my constipation issues, my bowel movement became more regular

Observation from my past liver cleanses:
- I gained new energy levels
- My skin glowed with a tinge of pink
- It took away my indigestion issues

It was my own personal colon and liver detox experiences above that are enough to convince me to sign up for Farmz's Revivals Program.

I need to put a caveat to this section: 
Never attempt to do a colon or liver detox on your own if you have never done it before, or if you are not a cautious person who never likes following instructions; as there is always a list of 'rules' we need to adhere to. Failing which - things may go wrong, scaring yourself where you may end up in the emergency room. :)



These are what all members will receive under the Farmz Asia Revivals Program:

credit: Farmz Asia

What I like about the Revivals program:
- Highly educational where I acquired new knowledge on food, lifestyle and value-added personal development
- Very powerful membership portal uploaded with Blueprints, videos for juicing, meal recipes, and all of Mark's amazing lifestyle food education webinars
- I learnt and apply how to eat, juice and live right, i.e. the healthy plate supplemented with daily juicing
- I learnt and apply how to read packaging labels and to be a smarter consumer
- I learnt to avoid fake olive oils and the dirty dozen foods I have unknowingly been consuming for many years!
- Guided by 'Farmz Angels' to hand hold us through our first 23 Days (special attention paid to those with severe underlying health issues where they will work with Revivals' medical practitioners)
- Wonderful community group support

My experience with 
"From Flabby to Fitty" program for MY FIRST 23 Days: 
- I love the easy to follow Program Blueprint (i.e. no need to think, just do it!)
- It is a proven and 'safe' program guided by Farmz Angels/ Mark/ Min
- The first time I had made over 60,000L and drank so MUCH vegetable and fruit juices in my entire life! Yummy!
- I re-gained full energy to last me throughout the day with ZERO coffee and noon naps
- Lost 4% of weight in 23 Days
- My skin was glowing
- Migraine attacks close to none
- Unexplainable body aches 'disappeared'
- Foot arch pain for 2 years had 'gone away'
- I learned how to prepare more healthy plates and 'safe' foods, and juices for myself and entire family
- When not cooking at home, I learnt how to choose eating venues that offer close the 50/25/20/5 healthy plate rule 
- New self-discovery journey on perseverance, commitment, planning, time management and replacing bad lifestyle habits
- It acts as a constant reminder on the power of wholesome foods that I learnt under the Science of Nutritional Immunology
- Yup, had really bad looking stones that came out (because of my hyperthyroid medicine)
- I love the easy to follow Maintenance Blueprint (again, no need to think, just do it!)
- To sum it up - It was a truly amazing wellness transformation journey!

While my positive results is unique to my health's condition, other Revivals have enjoyed 'reversing' their following health conditions related to:
- Obesity / being over-weight
- High blood pressure
- High cholesterol
- Diabetes
- Allergies
- Certain joint pains
- And many more ....

Check out all the Facebook review for Farmz Revivals Program HERE.

I must emphasize again that for everything we do in life, the determination to lose weight and reverse any underlying health conditions is all entirely up to us. Only if you have great perseverance, commitment, the willingness to learn something new and not give up for your future health's sake, this program is definitely for you. Because from what I have been observing, most Revivals are true fighters for their better health.

Farmz Revivals Program creates what I call a 'positive vicious cycle' - whereby the more we eat, juice and live right, the more new energy our health creates. And with the new energy levels, Revivals just keep charging on everyday showing what they eat, juice and do everyday!

For people suffering from obesity/ being overweight or in poor health (like me), only they can truly relate to the new lease of life this program offers them.

And it is through the Revivals program that helped me discover and realise more why I have been having a tough time 'healing' my hyperthyroidism. I believe I may have found the answer in my foods. I was eating 'wrong' all the time with my healthy plate, vegetables and fruits.



Experts in the field of functional medicine are confirming chronic diseases and poor health is reversible from what we eat and put in our bodies. And Farmz Revivals program is equipping us the knowledge and application on exactly how to achieve that.

As shared from the above, and I will need to emphasize this - only if you have great perseverance, commitment, the willingness to learn something new and not give up for your future health's sake, this program is for you. 
If I have to be honest, whiners will not get through this program, because only those with a positive and fighter mindsets will come out successful from it.

Here is a Master Blueprint already tried and proven by thousands of Revivals, waiting for those who want to take action for a better health. If you are dying to get out of the hell hole of poor health, you will die die do it (because I was one!). Because every successful Revival had already been there and done that. Each time we made and drank every new juice concoction - we unknowingly experienced our body pains slowly went away, our energy levels got better and we were amazed at our own 'super powers', productivity levels and achieving more in our lives! And best of all, we not only feel good, we also acknowledge we all look good. I kid you not.

And while continuing our health journey together in the Revivals community; gratitude/ appreciation towards ourselves and personal lives grow with it. The program is more than just juicing, it encompasses an unseen element of self discovery, personal growth and development for many of us. And because of Farmz Revivals Program, it actually inspired me to create this website to share and spread the message that there is actually hope, for those (and their loved ones) who are stricken with poor health and critical illnesses.

Farmz Asia Revivals Program husband and wife founders (Mark & Min) are highly admirable, because both had gone through chronic illness themselves at one stage of their lives. Overcoming their own health adversities empowered them to start Farmz for people who wants to create more purpose and value in their lives; sharing Farmz mission to educate 1 million lives to eat right to live right. 

And I had observed in our group, for those who will say they are 'disappointed' or spewing negativity - you can suspect they probably did not follow everything through for the program. Stick 100% to the 100% of the rules, the results is 'guaranteed'. If we want to be dishonest about it, we are only being dishonest to ourselves. It's our own health at the end of the day. No one really cares, really. Only we suffer persistently due to the lack of self love for ourselves. So we need to be fully responsible for our own health at the end of the day. It's all up to us what solutions path we want to choose for our health.

People in good health will never be bothered much while they still feel healthy. It's only people with loved ones or themselves who are facing health issues will proactively seek for solutions and land on Farmz program or websites like mine.

And YES, I concur it's actually the fastest weight loss programs around, using all natural wholesome foods. 

My 3rd Liver Detox under the 23 Days Revivals Program
Yikes. And Yes, these came out the biggest for my 3rd round!

These are a confirmation to why I have been feeling SO sick daily with low energy levels. 
If you think you could be feeling the same, you should wonder if these are in you too.
These form overtime due to poor quality diet and lifestyle habits!

By joining Farmz Asia Revivals program, we learn to Eat Right, and Live Right.



If you have tried everything and feel nothing sustainable has worked, and are tired of all the lethargy and pains you need to pull through every day; consider sitting in for Mark Leong's "From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days" FREE virtual Intro Masterclass. Contact Me to help you sign up for his next no obligation live session. Seats are limited; so if next available date suits you, try not to miss the boat.

Hope to welcome you to Farmz Asia Revivals 'Family'.

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