How would you honestly rate your self love today on a scale of 1 - 10 (1- being lowest; 10 - being highest)?

If you rate yourself at the lower end of the continuum, hopefully in here you may discover some reasons to why you could be feeling so. 

Do you wake up feeling fresh and fully energised everyday? Or does everyday feels like a health, mental and emotional struggle to pass by?

Experts are gradually discovering a correlation between diet and emotional well-being; thus inspiring an entire field of medicine called nutritional psychiatry.

I decided to dedicate a 
section on self love when I 'accidentally' re-discovered and re-learnt its link to food, juicing and nutritional immunology.


Self love is different for everyone. This expert's definition ranks #1 on Google.  

I'm not sure what's self-love to you, but self-love to me includes the following:
1. Creating my 'purpose' in life
2. Always staying in my Circle of Influence
3. Adopting a positive mindset/ attitude; regardless of circumstances
4. Being solutions-driven; rather than constantly worrying/ fearing
5. Being a continuous life-long learner; rather than staying stagnant
6. Being myself; including loving my imperfections and not bothering about being judged
7. Keeping life simple; including keeping wants to minimal
8. Finding joy in the simplest things in life; feeling gratitude for whatever I have
9. Living for the present and future; not in the past that carry unhappiness/ regrets
10. Cutting out toxic people and activities; including family members, "friends", strangers and social media
11. If I am too tired to do anything; just leave things in a mess (!)
12. Never wanting to be perfect like I was in the past; because it 'hurts'

Having a broken health for so long, I am at times astonished how I could came this far. It was all the above that helped me pull through my toughest days. People who never know me will have the first impression that my life is 'perfect'. I often receive comments people feel my positive energy, because I always carry my own weather. I will never allow myself to be a victim of any circumstances, because I believe I always have a choice.


I am in nature an experiential observer and learner, whereby I consistently 'listened' to my body.

When I adopted the above positive mindset consistently, I could feel my hyperthyroidism markers improved in the recent years. However, there is one particular marker, which is the TSH that stubbornly refused to come down for 13 years.

It was after I engaged a nutritionist who encouraged consuming more plants and less meat, I 'accidentally' discovered my TSH showed a significant improvement for the first time in 13 years! However, even with the 'first time' healthy markers, my health, mental and emotions continued to feel like a huge struggle.

It was only when I adopted a new 23 Days program learning more on the healthy plate, juicing 'right' and replacing my bad lifestyle habits with good ones; I slowly experienced the below positive changes to my body:

- Improved and sustainable daily energy levels with zero coffee and noon naps
- More emotionally calm
- Better weight management
- Better skin with radiance
- Migraine attacks almost to none
- Unexplained body aches / foot arch pains are gone
- Improved mental alertness
- Regaining better memory
- Waking up energised
- Weight loss 4.8% in 23 Days, 10% in 90 Days and maintaining up until now


It was through my newly discovered 23 Days juicing program that I realised a very crucial part of self love actually includes the following 'right' self care, which are often overlooked by many people. They include:
- Eating our healthy plates on time; finish dinner by 6-7pm
- Introducing more greens and vegetables to our healthy diet
- Having sufficient quality sleep; be in bed by 10pm and
- Being consistent with exercise

There is actually a scientific explanation behind the healthy diet, quality sleep, plant nutrition and exercise whereby all are interconnected to promote an overall better well being. I experimented for days I ate my healthy plates on time, slept early and soundly, and exercised; I could feel my emotion is calmer and happier, and I am mentally more alert and productive. For days I intentionally 'violate' any of those 'healthy rules', the following day feels like a 'bad' day. 

Unknown to many (including myself), poor lifestyle habits are actually self neglect, the complete opposite of self love. Perhaps connecting the missing dots now ... it's making me suspect why I have been challenged in healing my 13-year old hyperthyroid condition.

With my new knowledge on eating, drinking, sleeping and exercising 'right', it now made me realise how I treat my body is a critical subset of self love. Only if I truly love myself, I will consciously persevere to treat my body with respect. From my 'new found' experience, when I respect my body, I observed my mind and emotions naturally aligns itself. Odd? Perhaps that's what nutritional psychiatry is all about. And I only discovered this field of medicine while creating this website!

I hope my personal experience and sharing under the food, juicing and love pages allow you to identify if you gear towards greater self love or self neglect.

Too much of 'unhealthy' comfort foods is not self love, it is self neglect. It may not hit you yet if you are still in good health. It will hit you hard when it suddenly knocks on your door.

If you have just started experiencing or constantly been troubled with health issues, would you now see better if you have been eating, drinking, living and loving yourself 'right'? If everyday to you feels like a health, mental and emotional struggle to pass by, perhaps it's time to do something.

If your health is as broken as mine, achieving new levels of bursting energy is now possible. With this 23 Days program, it's like a new lease of life. To achieve that, you just have to put more effort into your health by eating, drinking, juicing and living "right" to slowly reverse your health condition. 

The only secret is really - YOU.

If our health is in optimum condition, we lead a more purposeful life where we are more productive and efficient, to achieve more in our life. We all have choices to do what's right for our body.

From someone with a broken health sharing from the heart - never take your health for granted if you still have it.

Eat drink wisely. Live love to fullest. 

If life were a painting, and you were the artist - What would you paint?
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