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Hi! I am Pearl, the website founder of

Blessed to be living in beautiful Singapore; I am a full-time mommy, part-time housewife/ employee, community volunteer and a long-term hyperthyroid patient. For 20 years while searching for solutions to alleviate my hyperthyroidism and poor health, I have stumbled upon many interesting health-related knowledge and discoveries.

Although not a medical-, nutritionist- nor a health- expert, I hope to share my discoveries on small little gifts of health that may be beneficial yet unknown to many. And also to share the positive things I came across that have impacted my life. My wish is this website finds like-minded people to exchange their stories, and with continuing search persistence, I hope I can be 'cured'. 


When I was 25, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was prescribed propylthiouracil medication for two years and 'recovered'. Perhaps being young and ignorant then, I never felt anything was amiss with my health. When I was going into my 30s, I discovered I had more underlying health issues unknown to me. As I write this website, I tried best to recall my accumulated years of health issues:

*In my late teens, I experienced:
- Severe constipation
- Had my appendix removed

* Mid 20s:

- Hyperthyroidism and 'recovered' in 2 years

* Early 30s:
- Lethargy
- Indigestion
- Headaches and migraines
- High Cholesterol
- Elevated alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and bilirubin for liver function test
- Pain between shoulder blades
- Poor skin condition - always dry and scaly skin on lower legs
- Inability to conceive, and I later discovered I had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
- When I managed to conceive, initial basic blood test revealed my child was suspected with Down Syndrome

- Tip top health condition
- Gave birth to a healthy baby boy

The 'silly' things I had tried HERE

* Late 30s:
- Hyperthyroid relapse when I was 38. This has been persisting for 13 years

- Severe hyperthyroidism
- Chronic Fatigue
- Continued headaches and migraines
- Visible spider veins

2009 - 38

2010 - 39

2011 - 40

Hyperthyroidism relapse at 38; -39-40-41: lowest point of my health
... Persisting until today

I may seem to smile a lot, look happy and giving others a lot of positive energy.
... and I lost count of all my 'extremely painful' days 

2017 - 46 (Looking the 'best' still with hyperthyroidism)

*Towards late 40s:

- Brain fog
- Elevated cholesterol level
- Dizziness
- Dark, puffy eye bags
- Severe foot arch pain
- Indigestion
- Insomnia
- Poor memory
- Ageing, sagging and dull-looking skin
- Constantly lethargic
- Physically weak
- Unexplainable body pains

2019 - 48

2020 - 49

2021 - 50
How will I look on my birthday?

Early 2020 before turning 49, I could feel the body ageing, and a lot of things inside taking its toll.

My life is never a bed of roses, but I remain happy.
And yes, I have given up a lot of foods that made me felt extremely unwell.

Until today, I am still searching for remedies to 'fix' my health.

I have strongly stuck to believing in one thing, that is: "We are what we eat"
And in persevering, new paths will always open up to us when we least expect it.

Now, 50 years old in 2021:
- 1st time in 13 years thyroid blood tests all in the black (still early stage)
- Improved energy levels 
- Zero coffee and afternoon naps
- Less frequent migraine attacks, even so at low pain levels
- Striving to place my health as top priority in hope to find a 'cure' for my health

Read what I desperately did to achieve the above HERE

I will turn 50 in the year I launch this website. Being a hyperthyroid patient in the past and present, I could have ended up with a far worse body condition today. Because of the Science of Nutritional Immunology that I came across 20 years ago, the knowledge helped 'preserve' my current health for a long time. However, I have been sick for so long. So what happened?

That's because at one stage when I felt great, I started taking my good health for granted again. Overtime, good knowledge was forgotten. Coupled with repetitive bad habits; I unknowingly put myself into another path of destruction mode. I can feel my body taking its toll in the last 2 years. When I felt I could not carry out my daily tasks as effective and efficient like before, I started to re-seek solutions. 

2020 became an amazing positive turning point of my life. Exactly one year later, I am on a new journey to re-gaining a better health with improved energy levels with zero coffee and afternoon naps. What's the secret? I joined a new found community to make the 'right' changes in 23 Days (and beyond) that are important for my body; that is through:

- 'Correcting' my diet via the healthy plate concept for my food selection and consumption,
- 'Complementing' my daily diet with more vegetables, fruits and home-made green juices from a juicing recipe blueprint,
- 'Tweaking' my lifestyle habits and,

- Adopting greater self love to continue nourishing my health and body through the right foods and juicing.

By slowly repairing my health and body, I hope to continue achieving my remaining goals and dreams this life.

At this moment, I feel rejuvenated. Witnessing the various positive changes in my health are what inspired me to start to share my story. 

Some may read and perceive what I share are unorthodox methods. I prefer to use the term holistic instead.

Only if you are open-minded, you are welcome to come on in and find out more.

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