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Mark Leong's face was aggressively popping up on my Facebook in December 2020. Till I went... Hello, who is this seemingly comical guy clapping his hands saying 'BOOM!' to greet his audience?

You may or may not have seen him. Perhaps many had and I believe some would have remarked "Is this guy a scam?"

I never usually click on sponsored advertisements, but somehow I did for Mark Leong's 'intro' video. With an open-mind, I followed through his video link that took me to a website that says:  

"The World's Fastest & Proven Method to Lose Weight Without Diet, Pills & Exercise"
From Flabby to Fitty In 23 Days

At that moment, I paused. Losing weight has never been in my mind.

I saw testimonials for those who had lost weight but did not really pay attention to them. The only thing that stood out for me was the second part of this sentence "Having Trouble Losing Your Belly Fats? ... Or Sick of Taking Medications?" And then, I came across Mark's pinned video's message to the world that resonates with me and aligns with the knowledge I gained from the Science of Nutritional Immunology.

Since I was already feeling like a sick puppy for so long, and being curious, I just signed up to hear what it's all about in Mark Leong's "From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days" 2.5 hours Virtual Masterclass - since it was FREE anyway.  

video credit: Mark Leong Asia's Juice Guru

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mark leong asia's juice guru
FREE virtual masterclass

When I thought it was only about "The World's Fastest & Proven Method to Lose Weight Without Diet, Pills & Exercise" Masterclass - it was actually much more. Mark Leong's 'How to Lose Weight & Re-gain Your Health in 23 Days' talk provided much value-added knowledge. It's the first time I have seen anyone so passionate when it comes to the topic on health, juicing and wellness. He was a non-stop burst of energy for the entire 2.5 hours, that made me deduce a lot of truth that he practises what he preaches. Some things cannot lie when we look at people's healthy, glowing skin condition and the energy level they send across - because I ain't got both at that point.

And I seriously wanted to know more when he flashed "My Proven Process You WIll Be Doing for 23 Days" slide. Mark calls it "The Revival Method".

In the session, he revealed:
- Food and juicing knowledge that are so simple yet powerful - that most people are not aware of; and
- What comes out from our bodies under his 23 Days Revival program

I had in the past done two colon detox sessions at a professional centre in Malaysia, and two D-I-Y liver and gall bladder flushes. I truly love the 
new levels of energy after my colon and liver cleansing sessions; but felt something was still missing. It was the element of properly nourishing the body immediately after detox were missing. And Mark's unique selling proposition incorporating juicing fits this missing link I have long been searching for.

When I saw what Mark flashed were
mucoid plaque and gall bladder stones, I immediately told myself I already want in, regardless the pricing! The Masterclass was a lot more than I had expected. It was not about losing weight on my part, but I am well aware that both colon and liver detox under Mark's Revival Method will do me good with the 13 years of accumulated propylthiouracil in my blood stream and daily low-energy struggles.

And I agree with Mark these toxins build up are exactly reasons to why some people are constantly struggling with obesity, weight maintenance and nutrients absorption. When things get 'clogged' in our bodies over decades due to poor diet and lifestyle, these can eventually lead to issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases. For my case, unfortunately it is the 'tougher to tackle' hyperthyroidism.

I had been wanting to do something like this for the longest time, and Mark's sharing strangely reassured me I am in very safe hands. The timing was also somewhat perfect. Without hesitation, I signed up when he announced the package pricing!

I had in the past signed up for 3 Masterclasses that are non-health related to pick up some new knowledge and skills. Looking back, I can honestly say the 4 digit pricing from those are now looking more like 'scams' compared to what Mark Leong is currently offering the Revivals! Mark's Revival program pricing is 'honest', at only 20% of those Facebook 'Gurus wannabes' (with no University degrees) who overcharge even more than real university tuition fees!

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mark leong asia's juice guru


For all the materials I received from Farmz Asia, the amount I paid for The Revivals Program is definitely one of my life's best investments. They are very generous in making everything beautiful for all the materials they give to us. Everything in short, is 'colourful' from Farmz. Physical items received by Revival members are always sweetly gift wrapped to warm our hearts.  

The below were 'gifts' I received under my Revivals Program:

1. Physical items delivered to our doorstep:
- Starter/ Welcome Kit (with Mark Leong's From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days book, Farmz Grocery Shopping Bag & Revival Kit)

2. 'Online' items:
- 1 on 1 Consultation / Tailored Meal Plan

- 23 Days Weight Loss & Health Reset Kit
- Blueprint Masterclass / Revivals Workshop
- Farmz Membership / Community Support
- 'Surprise learning & free tips' webinars from Mark

- There is so much more eventually... that I found it hard to keep up at times. lol!

Mark is a serious entrepreneur with great foresight in leveraging technology to allow members from anywhere around the world to have equal access and support under his Revivals program. This to me is indeed a very powerful strategy and crucial, especially if a newbie undergoing the program has serious underlying health conditions and requires hand holding in their 23 Days journey.

I found the Revival membership portal particularly useful for my first 23 Days experience. It's a 24x7 access, and up until today I still refer to the many useful videos, guide and recipes whenever I need to recall something for my next 23 Days journey.

After I started my first 23 Days Detox journey with Farmz, I am always looking forward to my next one! 

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mark leong asia's juice guru


When an individual's hard work gradually pays off and slowly gains local and global recognition - I need not justify more for this humble and courageous gentleman who disrupts the traditional food industry. I can only be so proud of him for being my juicing and positive lifestyle mentor, and for someone who remains passionate to influence, empower and educate 1 million people to eat right and live right. 

Thank you for an amazing life-changing journey Mark & Min, if you ever read this page of mine. <3

(2021 Jan | Forbes SG) Mark Leong Jan 2021 cover
photo credit: Mark Leong via Revivals Facebook Group

Quote from Forbes:

People struggle to be healthy. That’s because they don’t know what it means.

“It’s about finding a deeper purpose in what our health truly means to us,” says Leong, co-founder, and CEO of Farmz. “For us to truly take care of our bodies, and to look and feel great, we need to start with our food.” 

Forbes featuring Mark Leong's touching story behind what moved and inspired him to form Farmz Asia at: Challenging the Giants: Mark Leong's Food Revolution

(2021 May | USA Today) The 'only Asian' Entrepreneur to follow in 2021 
photo credit: Mark Leong via Revivals Facebook Group

Quote from USA Today:

Mark Leong
CEO and co-founder, Farmz Asia 

"Recognized as Asia’s first juice guru, Mark Leong is the entrepreneur responsible for transforming the lives of thousands of individuals, who are picky eaters with weight and chronic health issues, within 23 days through his innovative Revival Method. As a microbiologist and certified practitioner in food science and nutrition, Leong leads a multimillion-dollar organization with the vision to be the gold standard in food safety and nutrition guidance for Asians through its research and by educating and empowering people to achieve sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Founded in 2016, Farmz Asia is the first in Southeast Asia to provide food education with functions to support people with obesity, cancer, diabetes or other chronic diseases. Farmz Asia also is on a mission to disrupt the unhealthy food served to millions of children in schools."

USA Today featuring Mark Leong: Top 10 entrepreneurs to watch as they innovate and expand companies in 2021

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mark leong asia's juice guru

INTRODUCing the gentleman 'live':

Each time I go through the full 23 Days Revivals program, it's proven as I can feel my health gets better. For 6 months, I have been waking up feeling energised, I have full energy to last me through the day with ZERO coffee and noon naps. I keep appreciating all the amazing hard work this gentleman and his team has put in to create such a powerful and easy to follow Program Blueprint. However, in everything we do in life, our success from this program is all entirely up to us. Only if you have great perseverance, commitment, the willingness to learn something new and not give up for your future health's sake, this program is definitely for you. 

If you are convinced and keen to join Mark Leong's "From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days" FREE virtual Intro Masterclass, you may wish to Contact Me to help you sign up for his next no obligation live session. Seats are limited; so if next available date suits you, try not to miss the boat.

If you are still not convinced that natural foods is medicine, watch the below video about Annette Larkins, the "Ageless Woman" who will turn 80 years old. She is now becoming a testimony in validating that food is our medicine. Observe the stark differences between Mrs Larkins vs Mr Larkins. Vegan vs Meat. Holistic vs Medicines. The energy she has gained from many years of consuming natural foods has allowed her to achieve more in her life.

Maybe.... with Mark's Revival Program I can achieve the same like Ms Larkins, and possibly it's my fountain of youth too (:

Can You Guess Her Age? -- Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman's Fountain of Youth
Published: 2012

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