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The Science of Nutritional Immunology has largely impacted my life since 2000. 

I was introduced to the science when a close girl friend of mine invited me to a talk on 'Sharing The Gift of Health'. While I am not a huge fan of network marketing, I kept an open mind. I attended out of curiosity as I was plagued with an underlying health condition at that time.

The talk was a great eye-opener where I took home a wealth of knowledge completely unknown to myself. I attribute it to my complete ignorance. I have no regrets until today, as the science of nutritional immunology had laid the foundation of my health knowledge, helping me remained calm for every 'health crisis'; and also helped me raise my only child for 16 years with far lesser anxiety and stress as a mother.

Being a skeptic in nature, I was surprisingly receptive towards the concept as it was logical using pure common sense. However, I will always remember my university lecturer said, "Common sense is NOT common."

What exactly is Nutritional Immunology?

Nutritional Immunology is the science that studies the relationship between nutrition and our immune system.

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I have kept this quote from 2011:

"Nutritional Immunology is a relatively new science pioneered by E. Excel International's founder, Dr Jau-Fei Chen. It studies the close relationship between nutrition and the immune system. Dr Jau-Fei Chen's research shows that consuming healthy foods strengthens the immune system; a strong immune system can defend us from most illnesses.

Nutritional Immunology emphasizes consuming natural, wholesome foods for good health and does not endorse consuming chemically processed foods. This science surpasses the study of basic nutrients essential for survival such as vitamins and proteins. Instead, Nutritional Immunology researches on how antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides help boost the immune system.

Nutritional Immunology emphasizes "prevention over cure". It could be too late to search for a cure after we fall sick. Diseases can be better prevented if we provide our immune system with proper nourishment daily."

In simple terms, if a person:

*Easily falls sick,
*Constantly feels a decrease in energy,
*Constantly face a recurring cough and cold,

*Is prone to allergies,
*Is not clearing their bowel as regular/ often as before

*Is having red flags in their blood test results, and
*Is potentially diagnosed with or facing some form of body system dysfunction,

it is a sign to evaluate their diet and the quality of foods they consume. It means that there are certain nutrients from foods that the body is lacking that needs to be addressed, and requires a potential diet and lifestyle re-evaluation. People with known family history of hereditary diseases should be more cautious and need to be even more committed to maintaining a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen advocates the concept of Nutritional Immunology in response to the need to take care of the body by feeding it with a large variety of wholesome foods. When the body is properly nourished, it can defend itself against numerous attacks from bacteria, viruses and germs. Even if a strong body falls sick, it takes a shorter period to recover.

She also shared that foods which are beneficial to human health and immune system must fulfill the following six criteria: 

1. Plant food,
2. Healthy plant, 
3. Wholesome plant, 
4. Rich in phytochemical,
5. Consumed in many varieties and sufficient quantities, and
6. Does not interfere with the body's repair ability and defenses of diseases, i.e. does not give any side effects even if consume over the long term 

The Science of Nutritional Immunology also promotes a healthy lifestyle through education. Practising the consumption of balanced wholesome foods have to be accompanied by few other things to achieve optimum health. We should also:

1. Consume a minimum of 1.5L of water per day,
2. Manage and maintain stable emotions, i.e. not letting stress affect us, 
3. Exercise regularly, but not to the point of over-exerting as it does more harm than good to the immune system,
4. Ensure an early night of sufficient and quality sleep and rest, i.e. before 11.00pm, and a minimum of 7 hours quality sleep each day,
5. Adopt a healthier lifestyle, i.e. preferably to minimise eating and drinking after 7.00pm, and
6. Minimise abuse of and over dependence on antibiotics and chemical drugs. 

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Unknown to many, the best doctor in the world is actually our Immune System. If we choose to disbelieve, why do some people die from the Covid-19 virus, yet we read some had never been vaccinated are asymptomatic but managed to fully recover from the virus on their own without medications? The answer lies in their immune system. And what humans consume through their foods and how they lead their lifestyle have an impact on the functioning effectiveness of their immune system. 

If you start observing yourself or any your family members constantly falling sick from just the common cold and flu, it is a 'basic' indicator that the body has undergone 'accumulated stress' for many years, arising from one or a few combination of the above that could be lacking in your diet or lifestyle.

I acknowledge I have on and off let my wiser food choices and lifestyle discipline slip away whenever I was 'feeling healthy'. My hyperthyroid relapse strongly confirms this. At one stage I was in tip top health condition - after my colon detox and introducing high volumes of vegetables and fruits in my diet; and also from consuming Dr. Chen's supplements. Looking back now and re-evaluating, it was after my re-location to Singapore with a 3 year old son in tow in 2008, I confirm I neglected my personal needs completely to focus on raising him; and I stopped consuming Dr. Chen's supplements as I felt it was less sustainable under my new lifestyle situation. That threw my entire good health down the drain, after 8 years of 'effective heavy financial investment' in good health. (Ouch, I took it for granted I had a full-time job that paid me well back then. It's no longer the case now as a part-time housewife/ mother)

My relapse has gone into my 13th year on propylthiouricil. If I am not careful from now on, I have to accept reality there will not be another chance or another new lease of life. It's either a surgery and I would be on new medications for the rest of my life, and to expect unknown new complications like some organ failure.

Now I share my story with you, it's best not to take your body and health for granted when you still feel strong, healthy and still have it. As the saying goes, health is really wealth, as we grow older. Practice prevention. By the time we want to find the cure, it may be already 'too late'.

Sharing the Gift of Health:
The Science of Nutritional Immunology, Dr Jau-Fei Chen
(Click "Watch on Youtube")

What I like most about Dr. Chen's unique selling proposition was her products offer health solutions that addresses the various human body systems, namely: 

1. The Cardiovascular and Circulatory Systems,
2. People On Low-sugar Diets,
3. The Digestive System,
4. The Endocrine System,
5. The Nervous System,
6. The Immune System,
7. The Respiratory System,
8. The Integumentary System, i.e. the Skin
9. The Musculoskeletal System,
10. The Reproductive System, and
11. The Eyes.

And each product range offers 3 functions, that is to: (1) Protect, (2) Cleanse, and (3) Repair for each of the above specific body systems. 

At one stage, Dr. Chen's products had offered me a new lease of life. 
Even until today, I will always look to some of her products as a 'booster' for certain dire situations to give me a peace of mind knowing my family will always remain 'protected'. Consuming some of Dr. Jau-Fei Chen's supplements for almost two decades, I must give a genuine compliment to Dr. Chen for developing some extremely 'powerful' remedies for the human body systems.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, my family continues to consume some of the supplements to boost both their immune and respiratory systems. My family members have not caught the basic cold/ flu for a very long, long time.

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Even though I am equipped with the Science of Nutritional Immunology knowledge until today, I acknowledge I have failed to consistently adopt and apply some of the knowledge. 

For the last 2 years, I became less diligent in my food intake that my health deteriorated to a worrisome state 
(got lazy with the preparation and intake of greens and fruits, and took short cuts using pre-marinated meats from supermarket's freezers). I experienced un-explainable body aches and migraine attacks (even though my thyroid readings had vastly improved). I was constantly lethargic with dizzy spells, was sleepy in the afternoon and insomniac at night. 

It became another wake up call - If I badly want to repair my body, I need to first start by reviewing my existing diet and lifestyle habits. It has gone to a level that I believe that no matter how much of Dr Chen's supplements I consume now (like in the past) will not be enough to 'save me'. For this time round, I was very lost at what was 'right' to do and where to start to fix me. While I am writing this website, I am well aware that with all the sudden accelerated ageing and negative symptoms my body is showing, it is a sign that is is highly overloaded with a lot of toxins.

On the brighter side, I believe I might have discovered another 'new lease of life' at the end of 2020. Not only it aligns very much to the Science of Nutritional Immunology, I was provided a guide and Master Blueprint to learn how to finally eat right and live right - after 20 years of 'searching'. It has only been 6 months I am on this 23 Days program, and I have never felt better for the longest time. My un-explainable body aches are completely gone, migraine has become a minor issue, my energy level is amazing where I can now last the entire day with ZERO coffee and noon naps.

Under the Science of Nutritional Immunology, it is possible our bodies can heal on its own if we give it a chance to, and know how to do it. I feel blessed and rejuvenated as I write this. I wish to share that with a 'broken health', it is still possible to achieve healthier and happier days like me. It can only happen if you are proactive and willing to take the challenge to make things happen for your health. And it takes a far greater level of perseverance and commitment to 'fix it', if you are willing to make this choice. If I can, you can do it too.

credit: harris vo, unsplash

Nearly 10 years ago, I stumbled upon one very inspiring lady. Annette Larkins the "Ageless Woman" will turn 80 years old, and is now becoming a testimony in validating the Science of Nutritional Immunology. Watch the video, and you will see the stark differences between Mrs Larkins vs Mr Larkins. Vegan vs Meat. Holistic vs Medicines. 

I am still learning and starting to realise that it takes a 'lifetime' to maintain and preserve a good health; and just many 'over nights' to easily destroy it. Annette Larkins' claims she is 'vibrant and have lots of energy'. I finally can relate to that.

If Annette Larkins has found her fountain of youth, I believe I may have finally found mine, from the amazing guide and Master Blueprint for eating, juicing and living right under this 23 Days program. And no, you do not have to give up all your favourite foods nor become a vegan. (: 


Can You Guess Her Age? -- Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman's Fountain of Youth

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